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Non-Metallic Flexible Conduits

Conduits are great for organising cables – preventing cable spaghetti and dangerous trip hazards – and, here at Flex-It, we supply an extensive range of non-metallic flexible conduits.

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What is a non-metallic flexible conduit?

A non-metallic flexible conduit is a type of plastic protective tubing that’s sole purpose is to keep electrical wires and cables protected from external elements. A clear difference between these conduits and metallic conduits is that they are lightweight.

Although there are many different types of non-metallic flexible conduits on the market, most of them share the same properties and are constructed from either polypropylene or PA6 nylon and feature a corrugated exterior – it’s this corrugation that allows for extra flexibility.

What can non-metallic flexible conduits be used for?

Non-metallic flexible conduits are ideal for a range of applications, including:

  • communication cables
  • fibre optics
  • low-voltage cabling
  • underground cabling

Some, like the H-Series PA6 Nylon Corrugated range, are UV resistant – making them ideal for outdoor applications.

Buy non-metallic flexible conduits

Here at Flex-It, we supply non-metallic flexible conduits in an assortment of styles, sizes and colours – making it easy for you to find the right conduit for your application.

We supply:

  • A-Series PVC Spiral Reinforced
  • G-Series Extra HD PVC Spiral Reinforced
  • H-Series PA6 Nylon Corrugated
  • HS-Series Split PA6 Nylon Corrugated
  • R-Series Polypropylene Corrugated
  • RS-Series Split Polypropylene Corrugated

Our non-metallic conduits are available in various trade sizes, starting from 7mm ranging up to 75mm. Conduits like the A-Series are ideal for general purpose applications – offering excellent durability and flexibility. The PVC spiral conduit has a smooth inner bore and offers all-round protection, facilitating easy cable insertion.

At Flex-It, we also provide the R-Series which is an economical solution for flexibility. We supply the non-metallic conduits in black, blue, green, grey, orange, red, white and yellow. The R-Series conduits are ideal for embedding into walls and floors and often come in handy for general cable tidying, cable assemblies and underfloor wiring systems.

If you’d like to order non-metallic flexible conduits, or to receive a quote, please email your requirements to sales@flex-it.co.uk. You can also submit an enquiry form, including your name, contact number and email address, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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PVC Spiral Reinforced Range
PVC Spiral Reinforced

-15°C to +70°C

Extra Heavy Duty PVC Spiral Reinforced Range
Extra HD PVC Spiral Reinforced

-10°C to +60°C

PA6 Nylon Corrugated Range
PA6 Nylon Corrugated

-40°C to +120°C

Split PA6 Nylon Corrugated Range
Split PA6 Nylon Corrugated

-40°C to +120°C

Polypropylene Corrugated Range
Polypropylene Corrugated

-40°C to +120°C

Split Polypropylene Corrugated Range
Split Polypropylene Corrugated

-40°C to +120°C

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