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Polyester Braided Sleeving

Designed for thermal insulation and mechanical protection, our polyester braided sleeving (aka cable sock) offers durable abrasion resistance in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

The special braid characteristics allow for the expansion of its internal diameter, whilst contracting its length, allowing easy assembly of cable bundling and the general protection of electrical conductors and other components.

Material: Polyester (PET)
Temperature Range: -50°C to + 150°C
Melting Point: 240°C +/- 10°C
Colour: Black (as standard), other colours available include:
Blue, Green, Grey, Red, White, Yellow
Other Information: Flame Retardant
Zero Halogen
LFH (Low Fire Hazard)
Product Code Nominal Diameter Minimum Size Range Maximum Size Range Reel Length
M03B 3.0mm 1.0mm 6.0mm 200m
M04B 4.0mm 2.0mm 7.0mm 200m
M05B 5.0mm 2.5mm 8.0mm 100m
M06B 6.0mm 3.0mm 9.0mm 100m
M08B 8.0mm 5.0mm 16.0mm 100m
M10B 10.0mm 7.0mm 19.0mm 100m
M12B 12.0mm 8.0mm 24.0mm 50m
M15B 15.0mm 10.0mm 27.0mm 50m
M20B 20.0mm 14.0mm 30.0mm 50m
M25B 25.0mm 18.0mm 35.0mm 25m
M30B 30.0mm 20.0mm 50.0mm 25m
M40B 40.0mm 30.0mm 60.0mm 25m
M50B 3.0mm 40.0mm 80.0mm 25m
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