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Polyolefin Heatshrink Tubing

Polyolefin Heatshrink Tubing

V-SERIES is a general purpose flexible polyolefin heatshrink designed for the insulation and mechanical protection of wires, cables and conduits.

Our standard range is extremely cost effective and available in a multitude of colours and sizes.

Our adhesive lined heatshrink has a thermoplastic adhesive liner that melts and seals the inner components – offering environmental protection.

Material: Polyolefin
Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
Shrink Ratio: Polyelofin – 2 : 1
Adhesive Lined – 3 : 1
Shrink Temperature: < +125°C
Other Features: Flame Retardant

UL approved options available upon request for 2:1 ratio, please enquire for further information.

Standard Polyolefin Heatshrink
Shrink Ratio – 2:1

Product Code Size Before Size After Reel Length
V1.2 1.2mm 0.6mm 150m
V1.6 1.6mm 0.8mm 150m
V2.4 2.4mm 1.2mm 150m
V3.2 3.2mm 1.6mm 150m
V4.8 4.8mm 2.4mm 75m
V6.4 6.4mm 3.2mm 75m
V9.5 9.5mm 4.7mm 75m
V12.7 12.7mm 6.4mm 50m
V19.1 19.1mm 9.5mm 50m
V25.4 25.4mm 12.7mm 30m
V38.1 38.1mm 19.0mm 30m
V50.8 50.8mm 25.4mm 30m
V76.2 76.2mm 38.1mm 15m
V102.0 102.0mm 50.8mm 15m

Please specify which colour you want by suffixing the following colour code to the product code:
BK (Black), BL (Blue), BN (Brown), C (Clear), G (Grey), GR (Green),
GY (Green/Yellow), R (Red), W (White), Y (Yellow).

Adhesive Lined Polyolefin Heatshrink
Shrink Ratio – 3:1

Product Code Size Before Size After
VA3.0BK 3.0mm 1.0mm
VA4.8BK 4.8mm 1.6mm
VA6.0BK 6.0mm 2.0mm
VA9.0BK 9.0mm 3.0mm
VA12.0BK 12.0mm 4.0mm
VA18.0BK 18.0mm 6.0mm
VA24.0BK 24.0mm 8.0mm
VA39.0BK 39.0mm 13.0mm

All items above sold in 1.2mtr lengths. Coil sizes available upon request.

Available in Black as standard.
Blue, Red & White available upon request but MOQ will apply – please enquire for details.

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