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Conforming to BS 7621:2018
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18th Edition Fire Rated/Compliant Products

Our range of 18th edition compliant products are continuing to grow to satisfy the latest IET wiring regulation 521.10.202 and conform to BS 7621:2018.

The 18th edition brings a big change to previous regulation as wiring systems are now required to be supported throughout an installation so that they will not be liable to premature collapse in the event of a fire.

No applications are excluded – trunking, flexible conduit, rigid conduit and any cabling must be adequately support by metal fire-resistant fixings.

A misconception within the industry is that every fixing needs to be metal. This is not the case and the official IET regulations clearly state that the installer must ensure that there is adequate support from metal fixings that are suitably spaced to prevent premature collapse.

Whatever products you decide you use, we now have an 18th edition compliant solution and new products are still being added to this range as demand increases.

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