Time Saving

Save 60% of your working time.


Flex-It have partnered with Schnabl to become the sole UK distributor for their range of time saving screw-less fastening systems.

Their product range allows the insertion of fast fastening elements without a tool and with very little effort into a 6mm drilled hole.

The special design of the fixings mean that when under tension, the fastening elements are securely retained in place and will withstand any working load seen in normal conditions. Schnabl products can withstand torque forces up to 40 kg.

Schnabl Clips

The benefits of Schnabl clips:

  • Multiple installation capacity: simply drill and fasten
  • Only one drill diameter (Ø 6 mm) for all Schnabl clips
  • Fastening elements for conduits and cables, recessed and drywall
  • Fastening on insulated ceilings and walls
  • Torque forces up to 40 kg
  • No rusting parts
  • Temperature range from –20 to +85 °C
  • UV-stabilised and halogen-free
  • 960 °C filament also tested if desired
White Schnabl Clips

No Anchors, No Screws

The basic principle of our technology is that our fastening elements can be inserted into a 6mm drill hole without a tool and with very little effort. Utilising a special design, the fastening elements are securely retained in place when under pressure and are able to withstand torque forces of up to 40kg.

The World Leader In Time-Saving Fastening Technology

Schnabl has been offering time-saving fastening technology around the world for 40 years and are worldwide market leaders in the field of screw-less fastening systems.

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