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Flex-It have partnered with Schnabl to become the sole UK distributor for their range of time saving screw-less fastening systems.

Their product range allows the insertion of fast fastening elements without a tool and with very little effort into a 6mm drilled hole.

The special design of the fixings mean that when under tension, the fastening elements are securely retained in place and will withstand any working load seen in normal conditions. Schnabl products can withstand torque forces up to 40 kg.

Schnabl Clips

The benefits of Schnabl clips:

  • Multiple installation capacity: simply drill and fasten
  • Only one drill diameter (Ø 6 mm) for all Schnabl clips
  • Fastening elements for conduits and cables, recessed and drywall
  • Fastening on insulated ceilings and walls
  • Torque forces up to 40 kg
  • No rusting parts
  • Temperature range from –20 to +85 °C
  • UV-stabilised and halogen-free
  • 960 °C filament also tested if desired
White Schnabl Clips

No Anchors, No Screws

The basic principle of our technology is that our fastening elements can be inserted into a 6mm drill hole without a tool and with very little effort. Utilising a special design, the fastening elements are securely retained in place when under pressure and are able to withstand torque forces of up to 40kg.

The World Leader In Time-Saving Fastening Technology

Schnabl has been offering time-saving fastening technology around the world for 40 years and are worldwide market leaders in the field of screw-less fastening systems.

Frequently Asked Quesions

Schnabl fasteners are typically designed for commercial applications, most notably pipe and electrical cable installations.

Whilst Schnabl clamps are great for retaining single conduits from the wall, double-fastening clamps with spacers are ideal for applications where two conduits need to be parallel with a fixed distance in between, and euro clips are perfect for mounting conduits of different dimensions on all surfaces.

One thing that all Schnabl clips and fasteners have in common is that they are simple to insert – requiring no anchors or screws. Focusing on useability and efficiency, they are guaranteed to save you time and money on every job.

To find out more about the range of fastenings and fittings from Schnabl, call Flex-It on 01530 812 195.

Schnabl is passionate about making life easy for fitters. The less time spent fiddling around with fittings and fixtures – the better. And with no anchors or screws needed, a Schnabl fastener can be inserted into a 6mm drill hole without any tools and with very little effort.

The locking system holds the fastening in place, removing the need for cable trays. The unique design of the expansion component means that the elements will be retained in place and withstand workloads and torque forces up to 40kg.

The expansion elements create a friction connection with the borehole wall, enhancing the retention force with an increase in the load.

Thanks to their modular design, Schnabl fixings are interchangeable which helps to minimise stock requirements and eliminates the need for special tools.

The main goal for Schnabl is to provide customers with the tools that will help them to work faster, increase profits, and expand their business. That’s why they are constantly developing innovative solutions.

Schnabl clips and fasteners can save installers up to 60% of working time, allowing them to complete tasks faster without skimping on quality or efficiency.

Suitable for various applications, they simply need drilling and fastening into place. One of the biggest benefits of these fixings is that they provide an instant plug-in installation after drilling.

Unlike other fasteners, Schnabl clips can withstand temperatures between -20°C to 85°C and won’t rust.

Here at Flex-It, we are proud to be the sole UK distributor for Schnabl’s time-saving fastening systems and guarantee competitive pricing. Why not take a look at our online collection and identify the best fasteners for your application?

If you have any further questions about Schnabl fasteners and fixings, get in touch today.

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