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Metal Expanding Nail
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MND – Metal Expanding Nail

  • Material: Steel HX42LAD Z100 zinc coated.
  • Fire resistant to class F120 (120 minutes).
  • Fully complies with 18th edition wiring regulations.
  • Saves up to 15% working time for mounting.
  • Requires a 6mm hole.
  • Nail Length: 45mm.
  • Box Quantity: 100.

The MND is suitable for fastening electrical lines and equipment including fire resistant cable clips, brackets and holders according to BS 7621:2018 but also for mounting other items with a thickness up to 5mm.

To install just drill a 6mm hole and hammer the nail into the hole. The MND is designed to expand when inserted into the drilled hole so there’s no need to hold the fixing.

Drill. Fasten. Finish!

It’s so quick and easy to install, users typically save 15% on installation times compared with traditional methods.

Minimum Effort Required

No special tools are required to install the MND, just hammer into a 6mm hole. It’s that easy!

Conforms to 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations

Fire resistant to class F120 (120 minutes).

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