Rubber Lined Metal P-Clips
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Rubber Lined Metal P-Clips

P clips are widely used in many industries for securing conduits, pipes, hoses and cables.
The EPDM liner enables the p clips to clamp and secure the enclosed product firmly without the possibility of any chafing or damage. The liner also absorbs vibrations. EPDM is chosen for its resistance to oils, greases and wide temperature tolerances.

The P clip band has a special strengthening rib which keeps the clip flush to the bolted surface and the fixings holes accept a standard M6 bolt, with the lower hole being elongated to allow for any adjustment that may be necessary when lining up the fixing holes.

  • Material: EPDM rubber lined mild steel (zinc plated)
  • Stud size: M6
  • Band size/width: 12.7mm
Product Code Description Diameter Material Thickness Pack Size
QF12 12mm Rubber Lined Metal P-Clip 12.0mm 0.7mm 10
QF16 16mm Rubber Lined Metal P-Clip 16.0mm 0.7mm 10
QF20 20mm Rubber Lined Metal P-Clip 20.0mm 0.7mm 10
QF25 25mm Rubber Lined Metal P-Clip 25.0mm 0.7mm 10
QF32 32mm Rubber Lined Metal P-Clip 32.0mm 0.7mm 10
QF40 40mm Rubber Lined Metal P-Clip 40.0mm 0.9mm 2
QF50 50mm Rubber Lined Metal P-Clip 50.0mm 0.9mm 2
QF63 63mm Rubber Lined Metal P-Clip 63.0mm 0.9mm 2

We can also source 316 stainless steel rubber lined metal p-clips,
please get in touch for further information.

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