How to manage cables in the office

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Lockdown got you thinking about redesigning the office layout? You’re not alone.

Many employers are always on the lookout for ways to improve the office – making it a comfortable place to work but also safe and practical. One of the easiest places to start is to invest in new tech for your staff.

Getting new desks, phones, computer monitors or even a smart TV is an exciting concept and can help give the office a more modern vibe. But with this comes additional power cords, charging adapters and other wires that can be a nuisance to deal with – leaving you with a tangled mess.

Though it’s impossible to do away with cables altogether, managing them might be easier than you think thanks to the likes of flexible conduit systems and cable ties.

Here we look at a handful of cable management tips to get you started.

  • Go wireless

One of the easiest solutions for managing your cables is by eliminating them.

A wireless keyboard, mouse and printer will instantly free up space on desks – providing a nice clean, cable-free work station – and perform just as well as their corded counterparts.

  • Conceal power

Instead of plugging wires into an extension lead along the floor, why not mount a power strip under the desk? This way, you can keep cords out of view and it prevents devices being accidentally unplugged when your staff stretch their legs out.

To secure the mounted power strip, you will need Velcro fasteners and cable ties to bundle and wrap excess cable lengths.

  • Neatly arrange cords

The chances are staff use laptop chargers and HDMI cables for their computer screens every day, right? You want them to be able to get to these without having to trawl through cable spaghetti beneath the desk.

Cable clips help to tidy workspaces but also keep the most important cables readily available. These have small grooves that can hold almost any wire or cord securely, so all you need to do is clip them in place.

Do you regularly rejig the office and move people around? Labelling your cords will make cable management much easier too. It will save you a lot of time and frustration as you will know which device a cable is associated with.

  • Cover floor and wall cables

Cable covers are a great option for cable management. They protect long cords that run along the floor or up the wall. These neat additions to your workspace also prevent feet from tripping over them – providing an additional safety benefit.

Aside from this, cable covers are available in an assortment of colours, so will blend nicely with your office interior and camouflage with the flooring or walls.

  • Protect your cords

After taking the time to organise cables – reducing the clutter caused by various wires and leads that can hang off the back of desks – the last thing you want to happen is for them to become damaged. That’s where cable sleeving comes in.

Polyester expandable braided sleeving is designed for thermal insulation and mechanical protection. It’s perfect for bundling cables together neatly for a more streamlined look.

Flexible conduit is also an ideal way to protect your cords. Thanks to their excellent flexibility and impact strength, keeping your cables safe and organised is a breeze.

Manage your cables with flexible conduit today

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