Cable management in the office using flexible conduits

Cable management in the office using flexible conduits 150 150 Flex-It Co. Uk - Flexible Conduit Systems & Wiring Accessories

In today’s day and age, we are seeing more and more pieces of technology that require wiring. Powerful machinery needs to be connected to a mains as a way of distributing its electrical current safely, unfortunately not everything can be battery powered yet! As a result, you may be used to seeing a minefield of cables that are hidden under the desk in an office environment, for example. After all, there isn’t an efficient way of keeping a plethora of cables under control in a busy area, right? Or is there…

This blog post from Flex-It reveals the best way to keep your working area organised.

What are flexible conduits?

Flexible conduits are a genius way of protecting your electrical wiring from any potential damage they might be prone to if left bare. Have you ever been caught unawares and ended up tripping over a loose piece of wiring? Or have you been wasting your day untying the complicated knot of wires just to unplug the correct device from the mains? If you can relate to this, then a flexible conduit could be the perfect way to streamline your office environment.

 Strong and durable, flexible conduits will become a constant in your office for years to come, giving you one less thing to worry about. This peace of mind is extended further if you decide to opt for metallic conduits, which can be a great, lightweight way of protecting your wiring whilst making them far easier to untangle. Hallelujah!

How can they help in the office?

In an office environment, we understand that there are usually computers, printers, and many other electrical devices to contend with. As an office is a communal area, the electricals on your desk run the risk of being caught up with other devices nearby. This is where a flexible conduit can be of help.. They can be used in the most testing of conditions, so you don’t have to worry about them being damaged due to high temperatures, as they can cope with heat up to 300°C!

Just as their name suggests, flexible conduits are highly flexible. You’d presume that a thick, strong material would limit the movement of the wire, right? Well, with a flexible conduit, this issue is eradicated, as their range of movement isn’t compromised. This allows you to still position wires in a way that is safe, and manageable, even hidden under a desk!

Some office companies prefer to opt for the metallic conduits that we offer due to their stronger material, but our non-metallic conduits are also a genius way of avoiding “cable spaghetti” in the workplace. Once you have used our conduits as a way of organising your wires – making them much easier to identify and reducing the number of accidental trips – you will never want to go back!

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