Why should you choose flexible conduits in 2021?

Why should you choose flexible conduits in 2021? 150 150 Flex-It Co. Uk - Flexible Conduit Systems & Wiring Accessories

Flexible conduits are often the unsung heroes in any building or structure that incorporates a plethora of wiring. After all, we have all encountered the bother of many crossed wires in our own day to day settings, whether that be at the office or home. Especially with remote working these days, we know how disruptive this can be. Now times this bother by 10, or even 100! Without conduits, and more recently their flexible variant, wires would be kept in dangerous positions that can pose multiple hazards.

Although you may not have encountered flexible conduits in the past, the new year is the perfect time to get yourself acquainted with them, so you can start to reap their benefits sooner rather than later! This blog post from Flex It is on hand to tell you more…

What are they used for?

As mentioned previously, conduits originated as a way of protecting wiring from damage in a building, whilst also keeping any other wires that run a similar path firmly together. This allowed large buildings and structures to maintain a neat appearance out of necessity or convenience, as well as providing a way to easily spot the route of a wire when needed.

A flexible conduit variant soon followed, which is what we specialise in here at Flex It. These allow wires to take a greater variety of paths and can easily be adjusted to negotiate any potential obstacles. This alternative is becoming hugely popular, as it ensures wires can be protected in a way that is safer and more convenient than ever before.

Flexible metallic conduits are usually made from steel, a durable material that helps protect the wire from any outside conditions. Non-metallic conduits are made from a number of materials, including PVC and polypropylene. And although they’re easier to make (and the cheaper option), their temperature range is considerably lower than their metal counterpart.

How can they help?

By keeping your wires under wraps and protected at all times, you are safeguarding any potential hazards in the future. It is always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with wires and electricity, especially at high voltage. This is why you should trust a flexible conduit to keep wires hidden under a secure material, away from any potential dangers.

They also help aesthetically, as they keep wires out of view in a busy building. If you saw wires hanging down when walking around, would you feel less safe? By hiding them away, you can give your building a clean and smart look.

Why is flexibility so important?

Flexible conduits allow you to easily map out the path of your wires, whilst also keeping them protected. Unlike regular one-dimensional conduits, you can navigate around any obstacles – and, therefore, use them for a much wider range of applications.

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