4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Cables Tidy

4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Cables Tidy 150 150 Flex-It Co. Uk - Flexible Conduit Systems & Wiring Accessories

Is the tangled mess behind your TV or beneath your WFH desk getting you down? Here are four easy ways to keep your cables tidy for a stress- and clutter-free home!

When you have lots of cables – be it behind the television or on your WFH desk – it can be difficult to keep them tidy.

From laptop and phone chargers to TV and Bluetooth speaker cables, there’s just no escaping them, and if the sight of them is stressing you out, you’re likely in search of some tips on how to keep them more organised.

In this article, our experts at Flex It reveal some of the best ways to clear up cable clutter in your home.

Invest in a charging station

Smartphones, smart watches, tablets, wireless earphones.

Pretty much all of us have them and use them every day.

But of course, with so many devices come lots of charging cables, which can very easily get lost or tangled with one another – which is a mess that nobody wants to deal with.

With a charging station though, you’ll have one, dedicated space to charge all your devices up, with only one wire – which makes for a much tidier appearance than four or five plugged into an extension plug!

Device charging stations are relatively inexpensive, and you can purchase them online for speedy home delivery.

Go wireless

If you’re sick of the sight of your work-from-home desk and need a clutter-free space to increase your productivity, it might be time to consider going wireless.

Think wireless keyboards, mice and printers.

They perform just as well as their corded counterparts and will instantly free up precious desk space.

Consider cable clips

To make cables less noticeable, cable clips are the perfect solution.

They’re incredibly cheap and simple to install and hold bundles of wires securely in place for a much tidier, more uniform look.

All you need to do is hold your cables in place and place the clip over them – hammering until everything’s secure.

They’re perfect for behind TV units and under desks, and because all your wires are grouped together, you’ll be able to reduce trip hazards. So not only will your space look much more organised, but it’ll be safer too!

Organise cables with flexible conduits  

Flexible conduits are the ideal solution for organising all the tangled messes around your home.

Not only do your daily wires make your space look untidy, but they’re also at risk of overheating – or worse – starting a fire because of the strain they’re put under.

With flexible conduits though – PVC-covered steel conduits in particular – you won’t have to worry about this, as they’re incredibly resistant to both fire and heat.

So, you can take ZOOM calls, and binge the latest Netflix series to your heart’s content.

Need more expert tips?

If you’re in need of further advice on how to keep your cables tidy, or looking for flexible conduit recommendations for your cabling project, our experts at Flex It are here to help!

Give us a call today on 01530 812 195 or email us at sales@flex-it.co.uk and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible with more information.

We look forward to hearing from you and finding out more about how we can help!

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