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The flexible conduits from Flex-It are ideal for organising wires and cables, keeping them accessible and protecting them from impact damage, water ingress and pests.

They are also a superb addition to any workplace, preventing trips, slips, falls and other injuries that may be incurred when coming into contact with cables.

Another benefit of choosing from Flex-It’s flexible conduit range is the ease of installation of all of our products.

In this article, we’ll explain just how straightforward it is to install both our metallic and non metallic conduits.

Installing a Flex-It Conduit

  • For extra safety, we highly recommend that you switch off any power to the location in which you are going to be working.
  • To begin, you’ll need the non metallic or metallic conduits that are suitable for the environment in which it is to be installed. You can contact Flex-It to ask for advice if you are not sure of the style that will perform best for your particular needs.

You’ll also need a connector that is designed to fit this particular size of conduit. It should also be the right size to fit the knockout hole size in your electrical box, or any other location from which your conduit will be travelling.

  • Attach the connector to the conduit, then tighten the screw using a screwdriver to hold it securely in place.
  • The knockout hole in your electrical box or other source should currently be filled with a metal plate or disc, which can be easily pushed out using your screwdriver or another similar tool.

Your conduit connector should then click neatly into place in the gap.

Once your conduit is safely connected, we recommend using high quality fastening clips – such as those manufactured by our partner company Schnabl – to affix your conduit neatly and firmly to ceilings and walls.

The Flexible Conduits from Flex-It

As you can see from the instructions above, it is exceptionally simple to install flexible conduits in almost any location.

If you are still unsure about how to set up your own system of conduits, there is no need to be concerned. Simply get in touch with the team of experts at Flex-It using our handy online contact form. For expert technical advice, you can also call us on 01530 812195.

We’ll be happy to provide all of the answers and guidance you may need – regarding anything from connector and conduit sizes to specific installation information. Please give as much detail as you can with your question, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Flex-It is a family run business that has been in operation since 1995 as one of the UK’s leading specialist suppliers of both metallic and non metallic flexible conduit systems for the protection, containment and organisation of electrical cables and wires for both indoor and outdoor applications.

To find out more about our products, feel free to browse our versatile range of flexible conduits and wiring accessories today.

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