What is liquid-tight flexible conduit?

What is liquid-tight flexible conduit? 150 150 Flex-It Co. Uk - Flexible Conduit Systems & Wiring Accessories

There are many different types of flexible conduit systems on the market today – ranging from PVC spiral reinforced and stainless steel conduits to liquid-tight metallic conduits – making it difficult to make the right choice. But relax, the Flex-It team can guide and advise you in selecting the most suitable conduit for your industrial application.

Let’s look at liquid-tight flexible conduit: what it is, what it’s used for and the benefits it can bring.

What is a liquid-tight flexible conduit?

A liquid-tight conduit is a type of metallic flexible conduit – designed to provide extra protection against corrosion and water infiltration. Made from hot-dipped galvanised steel and coated in PVC, it’s stronger and less vulnerable to damage than any other flexible conduit – ensuring its reliability for many years to come.

Our D-series range is available in two types: EF and LA. Both are rated IP67 liquid-tight, flame retardant and sunlight, UV and oil resistant. They provide maximum durability and safety – making them ideal for various industrial applications.

What is liquid-tight flexible conduit used for?

Liquid-tight flexible conduit is used in exposed or concealed locations where flexibility and protection from liquids, vapours or solids is required. It’s also specified for hazardous locations, for example if you’re looking to install electrical cables in environments where leaks and floods frequently occur.  They work well in residential areas to power water pumps and electrical appliances that are prone to vibrations and moisture, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

What are the benefits of liquid-tight flexible conduit?

Unlike other flexible conduit systems, the D-series provides exceptional mechanical strength – making it the best option when a secure connection is vital. Another great thing about liquid-tight flexible conduits is that they offer protection against most liquids and are suitable for low heat applications, dry heat temperatures (up to 80°C) and damp heat temperatures (up to 60°C).

No matter what size you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here at Flex-It. We supply liquid-tight metallic conduit in a range of sizes, ranging from 16mm-63mm, and a choice of diameters, bending radius’ and coil sizes. In addition to the flexible conduit, we also have an extensive stock of conduit fittings, such as elbow, fixed, straight and swivel, ensuring your cables are secure.

Ready to order liquid-tight flexible conduit? Call us on 01530 812 195 or send an email to sales@flex-it.co.uk. If you would like to know more about liquid-tight flexible conduit, or any of our metallic and non-metallic flexible conduits, feel free to get in touch. The team is on hand to help and will be more than happy to share their expertise.

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